Gloria Schaefer

Licensed Massage Therapist since 2005

By appointment

Last update: 9/24/18

"Welcome! My name is Gloria. Some people call me Glo! I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in Rochester, NY with a background in Graphic Design. I love music, design, hiking, and cooking. I started my massage therapy practice in 2008. I have treated about a thousand guests at my small business. Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling! Thank you for visiting!"

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1501 East Avenue, Rochester, New York 14610, United States

(585) 683-2986


NOT Medical Treatment

Massage Therapy is not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment. 

Massage Therapy is for the purpose of stress reduction and the relief from muscular tension, spasm, or pain, and to increase circulation.  


Massage Therapy should not be done under certain medical conditions.  

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