Located near East Ave Wegmans

1344 University Avenue, Rochester, New York 14607, United States

(585) 683-2986


Massage Therapy by Gloria



Deep Tissue

Zen Face-Scalp-Occiput

Foot & Hand Reflexology

Hot Stone





Gloria's routine:

  • Systematic approach
  • Rhythmic technique
  • Frequently alternating sides
  • Symmetrical fashion

Your issues are prioritized during a holistic, customized session.

Hot towels, diffused essential oils

Complimentary hot stone or cupping add-on by request.

Biofreeze applied when needed.

Prenatal massage offered with a pregnancy cushion.

Brief Introduction

Massage on University Ave .

  • Day spa established in 2003
  • Professional building
  • Spacious, comfortable settings
  • Water cooler, tea, coffee
  • 8 experienced practitioners
  • Renters, not employees
  • massageonuniversity.massagetherapy.com

Gloria Schaefer, LMT

  • Licensed 9/28/2005
  • Practice est. 2008
  • Relocated in Nov. 2018
  • Served over 1100 persons
  • Spa and clinic experience
  • 7 years of continuing education
  • Convenient online booking

You do not need to book weeks in advance to get an appointment!

You will not get cut short on your time! (Unless the massage starts more than 10 minutes behind schedule.) 

You will not be pressured to rebook or buy a package!

Email, text, or leave voicemail to reach Gloria.

If you have questions, please contact me and I will reply within three hours or next day if it is after 10pm.

Massage On University Avenue, Suite 200

1344 University Avenue, Rochester, New York 14607, United States

(585) 683-2986


By appointment.

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Parking, Entrance, Arrival

Park on the side of the building or on the street to use front entrance. 

If you do not find a spot, there is additional parking behind the building. If you park behind the building, use a back entrance with a little deck, black awning, and glass door labeled Massage On University Ave and MB Studio. Take a long hall, zig-zag  past a salon, then enter the vestibule.

Take the stairs or elevator to the second floor. You will see a red wall and a ramp. 

Arrive around 5 minutes early. If you are more than TEN MINUTES EARLY, wait outside the door. There is no receptionist.  

For individuals ages 18 or older

LBGTQ welcome

No oncology massage

No geriatric massage.

No massage for special needs

Offering massage therapy for the purpose of stress reduction and the relief from muscular tension, spasm, or pain, and to increase circulation. Not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment. 

Non-sexual. Professional. 

No inappropriate questions, please.

Contraindications for massage therapy:



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